Galvic Executive Leadership Team
Here at Galvic we believe strong effective leadership is paramount to the success of every company, project or endeavor. We subscribe to and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of leadership. Our leadership is actively involved in each and every project and provides the overall guidance to our entire project management team. We are proud to introduce our Executive Leadership :



Vic has a 35 year history in the Los Angeles Real Estate and Construction market.  From his early days in the high end marble and stone sectors, Vic developed an amazing reputation for high end quality and reliability.  Within a few years Vic gained the trust of his clients to the point of not only doing the stone and marble work, but graduating to become the General Contractor for the projects.  Project by project, Vic became well known for his innovation, strict attention to detail, and most of all for his integrity.  Our clients have grown to depend on Vic and Galvic to bring projects in “on time” and “under budget”.  For many companies, “on time” and “under budget” are rare, but for Vic and the Galvic team it is our way of life.  No matter if your project is $5 million or $200 million, Vic and the Galvic team will bring it in “on time” and “under budget”.




Since Co-Founding the company, Galia has played a vital role with the company as CFO.  Galia has expertly managed the financing and assets of Galvic while ensuring the company’s overall financial stability.  It is in large part due to Galia’s efforts that Galvic enjoys the benefit of financial stability.  Our reputation with our bankers, creditors, vendors and subcontractors is beyond reproach.  Galvic is well known as a “fast payer” which positions us extremely well to get the very best pricing from our suppliers and subcontractors.  This translates literally to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to our projects each year, which keeps us among the most price-competitive in the industry.  Just as with Vic, Galia also enjoys the highest reputation for her integrity.